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Centers around a flexible and powerful generator, so that you can work with OData model types, type-safe query builders, and full-fledged, domain-specific OData clients.

Leveraging OData Metadata

Each decent OData service comes with its own metadata description. This EDMX document is processed by odata2ts to generate different sorts of artefacts.

OData versions V2 & V4 are supported and automatically detected by virtue of the EDMX document.

Powerful & Type-Safe Configuration

The generator can be configured in a type-safe manner by facilitating the TS based config file. It allows for handling multiple odata services, using type converters, renaming props and more.

You can fine-tune most aspects of the artefact generation to your needs.

Generating Types for OData Models

For each entity and complex type odata2ts generates TypeScript interfaces: One representing a query response model, one suitable for editing operations like patch, update or create, and one for the entity id type. Additionally, parameter models for any custom operation are generated. Get Started!

Building OData Queries

odata-query-builder is a library which helps you formulate even complex OData queries with ease. It uses a fluent API and makes use of the generated models and query objects to support type-safety all around. Additionally, the query-builder harmonizes V2 and V4 API differences.

Find out all about querying and filtering.

Domain-Savvy OData Client

The full-fledged OData client supports all CRUD operations and any custom operation (function / action). It offers excellent querying capabilities with the help of the query builder. You can choose between three readily available http client implementations (fetch, axios, jquery), but you can also roll your own.

Get Started! or read the main service docs.